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Room Service Atlanta
Room Service Atlanta

Room Service Atlanta: Giving back never felt so good (but I still wouldn’t mind a foot rub)

Thank you for stopping by and reading my inaugural post on my new blog!!! I am so happy and grateful to share with you glimpses into my design life. I am in the process of adding much more content and I encourage you to visit again soon as updates are being made frequently.

I felt no project more appropriate for my inaugural post than the one that I recently completed. It combined everything that I love: designing a young woman’s room, thrifting, and DIY projects to name a few. Oh, and did I mention the best part? It was all for a deserving cause! You can’t get much better than that. While this project was one of the most challenging ones of my career, due mainly to the little inhabitant in my belly occupying my energy reserves, it was by far one of the most rewarding. But before I reveal this project, I have to show you last year’s room transformation for a deserving young man. I’m a big tease, I know (my poor husband can attest to that). See below for the who, what, where, and why of my amazing journey with Room Service Atlanta.


WHO: Room Service Atlanta

Room Service Atlanta is a non-profit organization created by my friends and fellow designers Erika Ward and Dayka Robinson. Between the two, the genius idea of pairing designers with local shelters to create spaces that inspire and invigorate their residents as they work to get back on their feet was born. What a fabulous idea- making the world a more beautiful (and functional) place while helping our fellow brothers and sisters in their time of need. Click the logo below for more information about Room Service Atlanta and their mission.




WHERE: The United Methodist Children’s Home- Decatur, GA

Set on sprawling acres sprinkled with charming little cottages erected in decades past (some from the turn of the century) The United Methodist Children’s Home is a place that many call home. Their mission is to “provide redemptive, healing services that bring meaningful change to the lives of children and families.” TheyΒ assist families in staying together or reuniting and encourage youth to create healthy and successful lives through the use ofΒ  holistic and theruputic programs. Learn more about The United Children’s Methodist Home and how you can help by clicking on thier logo below.



WHAT: Redesign a lounge space for a deserving young man

Ok, so here’s the fun part! I was invited to participate in this wonderful event for the first time last fall. Our mission was to transform the Sam Bell Cottage which is where the young men partaking in the independent living program reside. The cottage consisted of private bed rooms, private lounge rooms, a communal lounge room, a study/work area and a communal kitchen. Each participating designer got to scope out the spaces and decide on the that they would call their baby. I chose this beauty:


Sexy right?!? NOT!!! But what great potential! Check out the substantial moldings and that gorgeous transom window! They just don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

Here’s the view of the window wall in a different room with the same layout.


I jumped for joy when I saw those vanilla linoleum floors…said NO ONE in this decade!

This lounge room was not fit for the deserving young man who would soon inhabit it. It was my job as his fairy-designer-mother to create a space that would provide an escape for him, a place to kick his feet up and unwind after a hard day of studying or working. I wanted this room to intrigue him and challenge his creativity. To achieve that, I opted to design a space that was influenced by world travel. I wanted the space to feel as though it had been filled with trinkets and memories from trips beyond and to it the young man could add trinkets of his own and they would not look out of place. This theme also worked for me as a designer because I really did have to collect things from here and there to complete this transformation. Many of the items were either reused, donated, purchased from Craigslist or found in one of my favorite thrifting places, my design BFF’s garage. So after scouring the city (and Craigslist) for the perfect pieces and after much blood, sweat, and tears- My BFF Daniel & I did all of the work ourselves including painting those lovely wood paneled walls- my vision became reality.


::::::::::::::Drum roll please::::::::::::::


TA-DAAAA!!! Let’s hear it for my $30 wood trunk cocktail table Craigslist purchase! And thanks to Mitchel Gold + Bob Williams for donating the ceiling pendant and to West Elm Atlanta for that beautiful chevron rug that added just the right amount of luxury and softness to the room.

This chocolate wonder was collecting pollen on a friend’s balcony until I brought it back to life with newly upholstered seat and back cushions. Thanks to Award Fabrics for so graciously donating the fabric! Check out the drapery hardware. Now that’s a real “Pipe Dream”. (Yes I embrace my corniness)

I thought that this space not only looked great but functioned perfectly. This young man not only had a place to lounge, he also had a private place to get work done. The closet doors were given new life with a coat of chalkboard paint. This design feature gives him a place to write his to do lists or just his personal expressions while adding a touch of whimsy.

Aren’t you just en”transom”ed by this transformation??? Ok, I quit…maybe ;)


Check out this photo gallery to see more design details from this project.

All Photo credits to Kendrick Dean Photography


OH WAIT! I forgot the WHY!

WHY: Because to GIVE is the only way to LIVe!

So never forget to pay it forward. Stay tuned to see this year’s Room Service Atlanta Transformation that was completed recently. Here’s a sneak peek…

Photo May 21, 7 42 35 PM


Happy Designing!



I would like to send a special thank you to the following vendors for their generosity. Also a huge THANK YOU goes out to my design BFF Danny Tovar of Danto Designs. Without y’all, this transformation would not have been possible.

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Β O’Rourke Art Group

Kendrick Dean Photography

Award Fabrics

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